The only month we begin by acting as silly and as foolish we can possibly be is the month April!

    This month we will learn how those tiny seeds, with the help of the sun and rain, become gigantic trees, considering the worms and their amazing work from "down under". Never did we imagine those gummy worms do so much to keep our land good for plants!

    Of course, we're going out more to enjoy the beautiful tulips, dandelions, violets and cherry blossoms.

    April is a great time to learn how to take care of our earth, and so we recycle! This means using something old to make something new. And so on Earth Day, we will make our "inventions"- cars and planes out of plastic bottles, doll houses made out of shoe boxes, and robots out of cardboard! We will have so much fun with the toys we made ourselves.....with the help of mom and dad!